NB-036831 - International Upper Steel Arch Bridge and Maid of the Mist

NB-036851 - American Falls from Goat Island - Portrait

NB-036833 - Niagara Falls, NY - Michigan Central & Grand Trunk Railway Bridge

NB-071272 - Niagara Falls from Prospect Point

NB-018292 - American Falls

NB-018291 - Horseshoe Falls and Maid of the Mist

NB-039441 - Down the River from Goat Island

NB-072737 - Luna Island in Winter

NB-030961 - Niagara Falls From Goat Island

NB-036848 - American Falls from Canadian Shore, Niagara Falls

NB-030922 - Bridge to Goat Island, Niagara Falls

NB-018744 - Horseshoe Falls from Goat Island

NB-04385 - Niagara Falls Winter, 1880

NB-012924 - Great Northern Elevator and Shipping, Buffalo, NY

NB-034024 - New York State Building Pan-Am (Historical Building), Buffalo, NY

NB-012909 - Labor Day Crowd (2) - Main Street, Buffalo, NY

NB-012910 - Labor Day Crowd - Main Street, Buffalo, NY

NB-500215 - Busy Section of the Canal - Buffalo, NY

NB-012921 - Canal Boats - Buffalo, NY

NB-500218 - Harbor Entrance and Lights with Tugboat - Buffalo

NB-034791 - Jack Knife Bridge, Buffalo Harbor

NB-032176 - Labor Day Parade on Main Street - Buffalo, NY

NB-500224 - Sunset Across the Harbor - Buffalo, NY

NB-072733 - Harbor Entrance and Lights - Buffalo, NY

NB-500219 - McKinley Monument - Buffalo, NY

NB-20013671122 - Pan-American Exposition Ambulance, 1901

NB-07832U - Bird's Eye View of the Pan-American Exposition - Buffalo, NY

RR-005330 - Pittsburg(h), Bradford, and Buffalo Railway Map - 1882

NB-012146 - The Chippewa at Lewiston, NY

NB-012148 - The Chippewa, Niagara Navigation Co. - Niagara River

NB-012147 - The Chippewa Entering the Niagara River

NB-012147 - Niagara Elevator, 1870 - Color Lithograph

NB-017931 - Erie Canal, Rochester, NY

NB-0171141 - Lafayette Hotel (Lafayette Square), Buffalo, NY

NB-072744 - Shelton Square in downtown Buffalo, NY